No Manual Data Entry

It’s your job to analyze and reconcile draw requests to the lender’s approved budget. We capture the data from the invoices, lien waivers, and change orders, and AIA forms in a searchable database. No more data entry!We do in minutes what used to take hours

Draw Request E-Discovery

Discovery is easier, faster, and FAR less expensive when the data is digitized, captured, and stored in a searchable database.  Discovery no longer has to be half the cost of construction litigation.Search a database instead of a box of paper

Organized Draw Requests

Know at a glance how many invoices, lien waivers, pay apps, change orders, and duplicate invoices are in every draw, and where they are in the draw. Just a click to access each one!See a draw request's contents at a glance

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  • How do you organize a draw request PDF?

How do you organize a draw request PDF?

A draw request is, at its core, data to be used as backup to justify the amount requested by the borrower to pay invoices and costs associated with this stage of the development project.  Once you have the data, whether you enter it all into a spreadsheet yourself or utilize our rapid data capture service, you can analyze it six ways by Sunday in Excel or in our data interface.  And even if you have a lot of data from a 1000+ page draw request, the proper tools can handle it.
  • Data Entry: The Job Nobody Wants to Do

Data Entry: The Job Nobody Wants to Do

Data entry. The bane of existence for anyone in any kind of business anywhere. But the data is important; sometimes urgent, and it must be captured in order to be used.  But who does the data entry?  For the commercial construction draw request, there are several choices: Do it yourself, Don’t do it, or Let c|d8a do it.
  • CRE Draw Requests: The Value of Time

CRE Draw Requests: The Value of Time

CRE Construction draw requests that are ultimately to be funded by institutional lenders have a deadline, usually between the 9th and 15th of the month.  Nothing hurts like a deadline, so the draw request has to be processed, analyzed, reconciled, and finalized before that date, or lots of bad things start happening to the project.

Why Choose c|d8a

  • Never do manual data entry again, even barely readable invoices
  • You upload draw request PDFs; we return the data to you in minutes
  • Discovery no longer costs 50% of an entire construction claim
  • Automatically identify invoices, lien waivers, AIAG702/G703s, change orders
  • Automatically detect duplicate invoices from any draw on every project
  • Search, sort, filter, and view any individual page with a mouse click

What Our Clients Say

We were still doing data entry the same way they were doing it decades ago.  The service from c|d8a gave us our time back, so we could focus on analyzing every draw and making better funding decisions.
J Britt, Trimont REA